If you’re interested in contributing to Builder and GNOME at large, we would love for you to join us! Only with people like you can GNOME exist. We love seeing people that use GNOME transform into people that create GNOME.


One great way to get started is to join us on IRC where you can chat with others who work on the Builder project. The Builder developer team can be found on the Builder IRC channel.

File A Bug

If you think you’ve found a bug in Builder, head over to Builder Bug Tracker and file a report. We will get back to you on any further details we need to track down the issue as soon as we can. Filing bugs helps us improve the softwrae for everyone and we really appreciate your time.

For various spam reasons our bugtracker requires that you create an account. We hope this minor inconvenience is not too much trouble.

Find A Bug To Work On

If you wish to start contributing code to Builder, simply pick a bug from this list of newcomer bugs.

Building From Source

Learn out how to install via JHBuild in our installation documentation.

Currently, JHBuild is how we recommend contributing to Builder. We do expect this to change very soon in that you’ll be able to easily contribute to Builder from our flatpak-version of Builder.