Writing Documentation

We are using Sphinx to write our new documentation.

In conf.py you’ll see that we use the theme from readthedocs.io. That means you need to install that theme as well as Sphinx to build the documentation.

Install dependencies for building documentation (Ubuntu)
sudo apt install python3-sphinx python3-sphinx-rtd-theme
Install dependencies for building documentation (Fedora 25)
sudo dnf install python3-sphinx python3-sphinx_rtd_theme
Now build the documentation with sphinx
[user@host gnome-builder/]$ cd doc/help/
[user@host help/]$ sphinx-build . _build
[user@host help/]$ xdg-open _build/index.html

The first command builds the documentation.

Pay attention to warnings which will be shown in red. Some of them may be useful to help you track down issues quickly.

To open the documentation with your web browser, use xdg-open _build/index.html.

Submitting Patches

We will accept patches for documentation no matter how you get them to us. However, you will save us a lot of time if you can: