Extending Application Menus

Menus in Builder are implemented using the GtkBuilder based menu definitions. These are created in gtk/menus.ui files within your extensions resources.

Menus are automatically merged into the application when your plugin is loaded. If the plugin is unloaded by the user, they will be automatically unloaded as well.

Extended Menu Features

The GMenu abstraction is somewhat limited in features that Builder requires. In particular, Builder needs advanced sorting, icons, and accelerators for menu items. To overcome this, Builder has special “menu merging” code which has been extrated into libdazzle (a utility library).

Here is an example of how the valgrind plugin extends the Run menu.

Embed file as a resource matching /org/gnome/Builder/plugins/valgrind_plugin/gtk/menus.ui
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <!-- "run-menu" is the unique name of the run menu -->
  <menu id="run-menu">
    <!-- The menu has sections in it, just like GMenu -->
    <section id="run-menu-section">
        <!-- by specifying an id, we can position other items relatively -->
        <attribute name="id">valgrind-run-handler</attribute>

        <!-- after/before can be used to position this menu relative to others -->
        <attribute name="after">default-run-handler</attribute>

        <!-- the GAction name and action target to activate -->
        <attribute name="action">run-manager.run-with-handler</attribute>
        <attribute name="target">valgrind</attribute>

        <!-- The label to display -->
        <attribute name="label" translatable="yes">Run with Valgrind</attribute>

        <!-- An "icon-name" to show if icons are to be visible in the menu -->
        <attribute name="verb-icon-name">system-run-symbolic</attribute>

        <!-- An accelerator to display if accelerators are to be displayed -->
        <attribute name="accel">&lt;Control&gt;F10</attribute>

For more information on embedding resources with Python-based plugins, see creating embedded GResources.

Accessing Merged Menus

Merged menus are available via the Dzl.Application base class of Ide.Application.

menu = Ide.Application.get_default().get_menu_by_id('run-menu')