Debugging your Project

Builder provides a debugger interface which can be extended for various languages. Currently, there is support for the GNU Debugger which supports C, C++, and to some degree Rust, and Vala.

To start the debugger, select “Run with Debugger” from the Run button.



If Builder fails to locate a debugger that is compatible with your project, an error message will be displayed.

After Builder has started the debugger, you’ll be greeted with a series of controls to step through your application.



The debugger support in Builder is currently limited, and will be expanded in future releases.

You can currently do a few things with the debugger in Builder.

  • Step through execution in a variety of fashions
  • Browse threads and thread stacks
  • Explore current register values
  • View the values of locals and parameters
  • Add and remove breakpoints to aid in stepping through execution
  • View disassembly when no source is available